George Washington sleeps here!


Colonial reenactment takes shape

A million words could not tell the same story. Enjoy these photos of our first colonial reenactment during Sequim Lavender Weekend. Thanks to the Northwest Colonial Reenactors Association and the 2nd Connecticut Regiment of Militia. Come back for even more fun next summer!

DSCN9715 DSCN9799 DSCN9798 DSCN9818 DSCN9819 DSCN9820 DSCN9821 DSCN9827 DSCN9828 DSCN9829DSCN9830 DSCN9831 DSCN9901 DSCN9902 DSCN9903DSCN9904 DSCN9905 DSCN9906DSCN9907DSCN9908DSCN9910 DSCN9911 DSCN9912 DSCN9913DSCN9914 DSCN9915 DSCN9916 DSCN9917 DSCN9919DSCN9920 DSCN9922 DSCN9923 DSCN9924 DSCN9925DSCN9926 DSCN9927 DSCN9928 DSCN9929 DSCN9931 DSCN9811 DSCN9812 DSCN9813 DSCN9814 DSCN9815 DSCN9780 DSCN9748 DSCN9749 DSCN9750DSCN9751 DSCN9752 DSCN9753 DSCN9754 DSCN9755 DSCN9756 DSC00236 DSC00396  DSC00366 DSC00367 DSC00368 DSC00371 DSC00373DSC00370DSC00374