George Washington sleeps here!


Colonial reenactment takes shape

A million words could not tell the same story. Enjoy these photos of our first colonial reenactment during Sequim Lavender Weekend. Thanks to the Northwest Colonial Reenactors Association and the 2nd Connecticut Regiment of Militia. Come back for even more fun next summer!

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Summer fun on our farm!

The Sequim Valley is well known for its lavender. Washington Lavender Farm has been part of the Heritage Lavender Farm Tour for the past four years. Our growing lavender agritourism business always attracts a host of visitors over the exciting summer events when the lavender is in bloom. The farm store is also a must-see destination for lavender lovers and is open from May to September. A small gift shop in the inn is open year round and is made available for guests or by appointment.

Hymn Sing by the Sea 2014
Hymn Sing at George Washington Inn

This summer saw the formation of a new feature, a colonial village, that was set up in our field over the Sequim Lavender Weekend. Reenactors in period costume, kept camp and displayed musket and spinning skills to curious visitors. George Washington attracted quite a crowd when he came for a gun salute and an inspection of the troops.

Spinning wool on Washington Lavender Farm
Spinning demonstrations during Sequim Lavender Weekend
Lavender crafts at Washington Lavender Farm
Lots of fun crafts for all ages

The inn’s portico forms a natural “band shell” for musicians to perform with an audience able to assemble on the front lawn and listen to the music. A “Hymn Sing by the Sea” took place for the first time.

A community orchestra playing the classics

Next summer a colonial reenactment will take place. The Battles of Lexington and Concord will involve not only two separate camps but also building a bridge and a split rail fence as props. Make plans to come. Mark your calendar for July 17-19, 2015. Rooms fill up fast so book early, especially if you want to stay in one of the inn’s five spacious rooms. We hope to see you there!