Washington Lavender Festival Dates Set For 2018 – July 13-22, 2018

Experience Sequim Valley’s only oceanfront farm during its annual Washington Lavender Festival from July 13 through July 22, 2018! Admission is free. Each day will be unique with crafts, music, workshops and demonstrations. This is the time to enjoy lavender at its best! Make a week of it and enjoy the entire Olympic Peninsula and the million acre Olympic National Park.

This year the owners of Washington Lavender Farm are making every effort to help spread out the traffic in a more visitor-friendly way that will allow attendees to choose more than just one weekend of festivities. The festival weekend has grown beyond capacity for a 3-day event. In the spirit of cooperation, the opportunity to grow the Washington Lavender Festival will also help other lavender farmers to break free from the constraints of a single weekend and the proliferation of other events that are now on the community event calendar for that weekend. This exciting opportunity for growth will allow for an expansion of the traditional lavender festivities into a ten day event that can include classes, demonstrations and related activities and help put an end to the decades’ old issue of congestion on Highway 101 and the Old Olympic Highway over the Sequim Lavender Weekend.


The farm and its iconic B&B inn, George Washington Inn, have become leaders in both agritourism and hospitality in the Sequim Valley between Sequim and Port Angeles. The dual agritourism and hospitality related business is proving to be a successful start-up venture for this family-owned business.


Mark you calendar now and make it happen. Be wise, book your lodging early and start making plans. Planning is half the fun! For more information on the Washington Lavender Farm’s events, you can find all the summer happenings on the Event Page.


Chart your success

Smiling faces and relaxed visitors would describe those who came to the Washington Lavender Festival this year. Many visitors came looking for lavender treasure and achieved what they consider to be a successful discovery of the best of America’s Provence.

Our desire was to see you leave reluctantly with pleasant memories and a bit of Martha’s Own lavender to help refresh those memories over the next year. We trust you found good value for your investment of time, energy and equity. Thanks for coming! If you came this year, then we hope to see you back next year. If you didn’t make it this year, mark your calendar for July 13-22, 2018. A Press Release has been issued with these dates in mind. More details will follow. Until then, our farm store will be open every day until fall and then by appointment.

Here are a few memories from this year’s festival that were captured by volunteer photographer, Ron Stecker. Catch the spirit of America’s Provence™ where the Olympic Mountains roll down to the sea and lavender grows so well.


















Dates for the 2016 Lavender Festival

The 6th annual Washington Lavender Festival will take place on July 15-17, 2016 on the Washington Lavender Farm. Join with us for lots of lavender fun, food and music! More details to follow.

George Wash. Inn 3013-221
Washington Lavender Farm

Colonial reenactment takes shape

A million words could not tell the same story. Enjoy these photos of our first colonial reenactment during Sequim Lavender Weekend. Thanks to the Northwest Colonial Reenactors Association and the 2nd Connecticut Regiment of Militia. Come back for even more fun next summer!

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